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what do i do

by matthew c
(wichita ks usa)

im a loner i have truble letting people get close. when i let them get close i push them away. i feel like iv been broken for a long time. i need help healing my hart

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I know how you feel, sending prayers, things will get better
by: Anonymous

I know how you feel, as i'm in the same boat. I feel very lonely too all the time. I'm very shy and quiet, and my nervous system, is so bad I have trouble meeting new people. Its not a fun situaiton to be in. I can relate to you on that.

I feel for some reason, because you are in this position, just like me, you will become more spiritual.

when you become spiritual, and find like minded spiritual people like yourself, then comes a sense off peace.

Its the only way off connecting and fitting in this horrible, social situation. HOwever spirituality, like minded people, is a way off finding peace and connecting.

I think/feel, becoming spiritual has its rewards, and you will see that a little later in life. Just rememeber you are smarter and more evolved then those who you cant connect with. Hope this helps.

by: J

I had the same problem you do and know that it is caused by s childhood trauma. You might not remember the circumstance, and that really isn;t important. What is of the utmost importance is that you forgive yourself and those around you. Truly forgive, don't just say the words- mean it. Forgiveness is such a cleansing action and once you are able to do it, you will see that not only will any past events no longer have any power over you, you will realize that those events had absolutely nothing to do with you. They were caused by "broken" people who probably had no idea the effect it would have on you. Forgive them and send them love, forgive yourself for allowing this to become a part of your life and stunting your growth, and most of all, change the way you look at yourself. Write down everything that you are proud of achieving, all the good acts you have done, all the friends you have & any people you have helped. Read this list aloud in front of a mirror, pause between each one and look at yourself. End by saying, "I am free to love and be loved because I I love myself." Good luck.

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