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we need deliverance.

please pray for my family. we have been under attack of the dark one for yrs now.
currenty i have major lower back issues that might need surgery. pray for a natural healing please.
the little one has knee surgery in both knees today. pray for his recovery please, and my better half needs
strength to get us through it all and is currently w/o a job. for yrs now the dark one
has tormented this household. the bible suggest we pray for each other and thats what
im asking you to do for us if possible. we cant take much more. please ask the Lord to look over us
and give us strength, piece, and his divine blessings. to i ask that if you see it fit, ask the Lord to bless
my guitar playing and practicing. lately everything is just a fog and i know my talents are a gift, but i
need his touch and blessing to be my best. as silly as it seems i ask you to pray for that too.
pray in the name of jesus, my Lord and savior.


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