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Watch How You Talk To Strangers

by Gloria Newsome
(Lorain Ohio)

“Everybody’s got a story....Be careful how you talk to strangers because you could be entertaining an angel unaware." God often uses the most unlikely people in the most unlikely places to teach us and to accomplish great things for He wants to bless others through you. God uses people to meet needs, accomplish worthwhile tasks, and open doors of opportunity that possibly only God and the person in need know about. Many of us are ordinary, imperfect, and unprepared, but God knows our potential and promise. God is impressing upon each of us to give words of encouragement, enlightenment, motivation and kindness to give to those who are overwhelmed, hurting, lost and lonely, even though they stand strong and hide behind a smile. He speaks to our hearts and our mind as He pushes us to minister to others. When God uses you, past failures do not disqualify you and imperfections do not diminish your abilities. As God calls you, His Spirit is working through you to be effective and powerful. By following God's lead, you will be an answer to prayer, used to change and save lives. God is using you...Be AWARE!

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