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Very unusal - uncontrollable bleeding

by Mashubi
(Bend, Oregon)

I had the most unusual light body experience I've ever had last week. I was drying off from a shower, and a cold sore on my lip started to bleed. Usually if this happens, the bleeding stops in a minute or two. This time, it just kept bleeding, and bleeding! I put a kleenex on the sore and it was soaked with blood very quickly. This was totally strange for me and the bleeding just didn't stop!

I began to panic. All I could think of was images of my father in the intensive care unit, who died of a rare (and non-hereditary) blood disease. They did lung biopsy and he just never stopped bleeding.

I tried to calm myself and pray. I did not feel to go to my doctors quite yet. I did feel to call my teacher Julie. Thankfully I was able to reach her right away. She said a karmic energy was physically releasing from my circulatory system that was related to my father, and she encouraged me to lay town and rest so that the energy would pass and the bleeding would stop.

After just a few minutes on the phone with her, I was calmer and the bleeding miraculously stopped. Thank goodness!! I found this absolutely amazing that an energy releasing from my body could have that kind of impact on my blood's ability to clot. I've had all kinds of experiences of how energy can affect my body, but this was really the most unique ever.

Another amazing thing happened related to this. Right before the bleeding started I was trying to reach my hairdresser. She had never returned my calls and so I was dialing the phone to try and reach her again. The next day I learned that her father was in the intensive care unit with a serious health crisis. I was very sad to learn that her father was so sick, and I was amazed at the vibrational resonance, where I was tuned in somehow to her situation.

Please know that I am not recommending that you not go to the doctor if you are experiencing a medical issue or uncontrollable bleeding! You always need to ask for inner guidance, and in the absence of that, do the best you can. Had the bleeding continued I would have definitely gotten some medical attention! :-)

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