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Urgently Need You to Pray With Us for Us

by SRS
(Thank you)

Please join my husband and I in prayer for our home and our tractor our finances. We desperately need everyone prayer.
Father God we come to you today asking that you please guide us in the right direction on what to do about our finances and my husbands job, like many thousands of other people in this great nation we are struggling to keep our heads above water so to speak, but You Father God You walk upon the water, with You nothing is impossible. You tell us to ask in your name that we shall receive, we come to you now Father God and ask in Your name please open a door for us to help get us through this, my husband needs that tractor to work on our land and when they repossessed it on Tuesday they said we had 10 days to get it back, al1 we needed was $4069
.. our home has went into foreclosure Dear Lord please do not allow us to lose our home,please dear Father God stop the foreclosure and allow us to get caught up we have 3 small children my husband will lose his job, Please dear Father God allow us to come up with enough money to save our home so that we may sell it, we have applied for home equity loans but our credit is horrid, and buy something cheaper, Dear Father God I have
come before you on many occasion with these troubles before my husband knew, and I thank you dear Father God for touching his heart because I believe
he was going to leave me and take our children, he is facing losing his job it is policy at the sheriff dept that no late bills no foreclosure no repossession no one suing for money you owe no bankruptcy we are facing everyone of those. Please Dear Father God give us strength to keep our faith strong we love you and thank you for all the MANY MANY blessings that you have
bestowed upon us we realize that this will pass and we will be made strong
er in our conviction of our faith, in our conviction of You and Your word.
We love you and worship you, praise you and ask for forgiveness for any sins we may have committed against you Dear Father God. Our dear Father God in
Jesus name we pray and ask of you all these things, so be it that we may
not suffer any longer and our children may not suffer from our
wrongdoings in Jesus name we pray amen
Dear Lord please help our great nation and all those who dwell in it to please receive some relief from all that troubles them Dear Father God you are
the KING the Highest of High the Alpha and Omega we humble ourselves to you lord and pray that you will sweep all the children of the world with peace and joy this holiday season while they celebrate the wonderful birth of Jesus who you gave to us to die for our sins and
our debts that we could not possibly repay, Thank you dear Father God Thank
you Jesus Amen

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