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Urgent Prayer Request for my Son - Apartment and Finances

by Jenni

I know I keep asking for prayer - Please keep praying. I am hanging on through prayers.

Lord, help me to let go and let God. I lift my son up to you Lord. He has had problems with a roommate and now is having to move. Lord, surround him with your protective shield. Provide the way Lord. Provide the finances needed Lord. Let a decent apartment be available that he can afford to move into this weekend. I lift this up to you Lord, I know that you will provide because we ask in the name of Jesus. Thank you Lord. Thank you Jesus. Lord, help me to let go and let God. In Jesus' name I pray.

Lord, my son needs to find an apartment to move into this weekend. Lord, I lift this whole apartment situation up to you. Lord, thank you for providing the way for him. Lord, let an apartment that he can afford be available for him. Lord, I lift this need up to you in urgency. I thank you in advance for providing for everything for this move. I pray in the name of Jesus for these needs.

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