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Urgent Prayer Request for Guidance

Please pray that I will be able to identify the voice of the Lord above every other.

Please pray that the Lord will provide a help mate for me.

Please pray that I will be able to identify my god-given purpose and also walk in it.

Comments for Urgent Prayer Request for Guidance

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Jan 29, 2012
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by: Anonymous

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Jun 20, 2010
what has happened to us
by: Anonymous

What has happened to us? I keep asking myself. I put you on the back burner and I am having a hard time getting you off. I played around you and forgot to talk to you like I usually do. I sit here with tears in my eyes because I feel like you have done thye same to me. Oh, how bad it hurts to know that I hvae put you on the back burner. But still, I knowthat you love me and I you, but sometimes you have to let your children go and learn to lean on you only. I feel so alone, isolated, depressed and I know you are there. Please help me to know you better than I have before. Give me the courage to continue on. It's been a year and I feel conpletely lost. Lost without you helping me like before. I know it's my fault, please forgive and cone to my rescue. I need you more now that ever before. I love you whehter I say it or not, I really do.

May 13, 2009
by: Anonymous

Please refer to my below mentioned mail, till date nothing has happened, there is no response from the boss, he has not called Santhosh to work nor has he spoken to him about the salary, there is nothing impossible to God, He can do all things possible, please pray for him and keep him in your prayers. I believe in the Lord jesus Chirst, he will call Santhosh to work and give him the job once again. Amen. My brother is bit sad because he has done so much for his boss and they in turn are not showing any signs of gratitude towards him, there was so one in his place that person would have robbed them and made good use of them, he always tells that i have done good and in turn received no thanks, i told him believe in God and he will do the needful, so to keep his faith strong, please agree with me in prayer that everything is possible to God and that his boss will call him to work back again and that Santhosh may not get angry and go back to work, he may have forgiveness for his boss. thanks

Praise the Lord.,
I want you to pary for my brother in Christ Santhosh Shetty, he was working for Amantran Hotel in Worli as a Cashier Cum Manager and used to handle the hotel independently without disturbing his bosses, he was a very hard working and sincere person, from last 3 years his boss was not raising his salary and one of his ex manager cheated and left the hotel taking lumpsum money from the hotel and Santhosh had to pay for the losses and he willingly did so for the last 3 years, he did not get any salary, now in anger he left and went to Mangalore because he just worked free of cost to pay for the losses and now i want you to pray that his boss Mr. Vijay will realise his importance and realise the value of Santhosh and will call him back to work and give him all the 3 years increament salary which he did not get and give him his job with dignity and increament, i trust and believe in our Lord Jesus Christ in this mighty miracle will happen and my brother will come to work once again and be happy and he has got to take care of his parents and also has to get married, i hope and believe you will agree with me and stand in faith for the answered prayer. Amen

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