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by Kimberly
(Orange Park, FL)

Pray that God uses Kim to turn this around between me and Phillip. I've tried TOO HARD and he's turned so much out of reality. I need him to give me a chance and stop being hurtful and angry. Please pray his mother, of all people, can get through to him. Pray that God won't let him be more angry with her involved. Pray that he sees my apology for trying too hard. God Please, Help Me. I am helpless here and only you CAN turn this around. Bring my love and best friend back to me. Give me good news. NO MORE NEGATIVE FROM THIS. FORGIVE ME FOR TRYING SO HARD AND NOT SITTING STILL AND THEN TRYING TO FIX IT. God Please - help me. HELP. His mom will probably call him tomorrow. Please don't let this backfire and turn worse. TURN THIS AROUND FOR GOOD.

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