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Urgent Miracle Needed

by Rhonda

dear god almighty
please pray for rhonda and her kidos with finanacial blessing and happiness, she has been off work since april and fighting comp, may they settle and start paying her for her injuries. may her and the kidos always be safe times three and happiness, and pray her exs and friends whom fight, threaten and demand her around and cause confusion pay and let it all reverse back onto them. shes a single mother whom her baby's dad threaten her, hangs thing over her head and fights her with his new girlfriend, may he feel what she goes through and may turmoil fill his life and please god let him work with her and be glad she gave him a chance after he gave up rights and regretted the baby and stayed away till the baby turned 11 months old. pray that him and all the people whom talk and say bad stuff leave her alone and worry about their own lives and difficulties and that they never smile and have tons of regrets and they leave rhonda alone to be happy and smiling. pray for this child of god with her babies that she has happiness and love, financial blessing and all legal and medical problems leave her forever and she and her new boyfriend and their children live happily ever after and with no problems with exs or the past and raise healthy happy kidos.. luv and amen

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