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by Faith

My boyfriend and I have been dating for four years and instead of being excited that soon there will be a proposal, I've been told that there are some uncertanties concerning the relationship on his behalf. During these four years of being together our lives changed and we both grew stronger in our christian walk. I was told that during the transition he did not feel like I was there for him when he needed me therefor a barrier was put up between the two of us and the communication stopped and we began to argue more. I understand that he feels I should have been with him more during his transition but the reality was I was changing and adjusting as well and instead of the two of us going to each other for comfort we remained in our own worlds. I feel that this was not only my fault but the blame points at the both of us. I learned in the end that I had to get to know this person all over again because he was a new person and we were doing things differently now like refraining from being intimate with each other as we should be and so forth. I thought things had gotten better but I was informed that they have not for him. I love him with all my heart and I want to go to the next level with him but I can not be in the relationship alone. I think he loves me but I have this fear that he may have fallen out of love with me. I don't want him to keep holding on to me becuase he thinks I good for him and because he knows me and don't want to start over. My question is do you think I have a chance at getting back what I had with him? or do you think it is over for us and we should both move on?

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