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Thoughts and Reflections

by Frank C.
(Bluffton, S.C. )

Life is a tiger without teeth. It scares the blazes out of you until you make it smile.

When we are young, "my life" refers to associating with that which seems external to "me".When we grow older, "my life" can refer to the internal and eternal "Me".

It is not the sting of his maleness that turns a girl into a woman. The giving to everyone the Love in her heart converts droplets of blood into rivers of roses and girls into women.

Make not of God a mere super man with super powers for He(She) is awesome enough to be tender.

The greatness of writers cannot be discerned by the form their writing takes or by the thought or emotion it sparks.Focus, rather, on the Great Unknown and, listening, let It speak to your Heart and your pen.

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