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I would like to Salute All Survivors of Rape, Molestation, Incest or Sexual Abuse. Although a sexual assault can last minutes or hours, the lasting effects can go on for years. The act committed by another person leaves a mark on the survivor so deep that at times they may not even see it. My knowledge is simply based on my own experiencees and can be different from yours in many ways. In reality rape, molestation, incest and sexual abuse occurs everywhere, regardless of social economic status, race, gender or religious practices. If you are a Survivor of any kind of rape, molestation, incest or sexual abuse, be you a man, woman or child please remember that rape, molestation, incest or sexual abuse is NEVER your fault and you have NOTHING to ever be Ashamed of. Your cries and voices need to be heard as you remember that YOU ARE NOT ALONE as Healing knows no timeline but Healing is Possible and by breaking the silence you can bring an end to abuse by shining a light in the darkness of all abusers. Through God WE ALL can be Repaired, Restored, Healed and made Whole! For OUR GOD turns Ordinary Occurrences into.....Extraordinary Experiences as He continues daily to mold and guide us for He is Not finished with any of us yet. Release Your Anger and Heal Your Pain and KNOW you are Worthy...So stand up for your life, no matter what others Say, Think and Do for this is Your Life. If you need help...don't be ashamed or scared to ask for it, because it can make such a positive difference and be determined to become a Fighter and Get Your Life Back, for you are a Victim NO MORE! Each and Everyone of us has had a "NEVER WOULD HAVE or COULD HAVE MADE IT" moment because of our circumstances and situations throughout all of Our Life's JOURNEY! But the key is to NEVER GIVE UP for a Warriors Spirit can never be broken. Remember this that Our TESTS have just been a TESTIMONY too HELP, LOVE, UPLIFT, SUPPORT, INSPIRE and ENCOURAGE OTHER. I wish you Love, Strength and All that you need to be healed on your Healing Journey. Stand Up & Speak Out!

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