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by Graham Barnfield

The Wonder

Walk with me on my journey, for it is yours as well as mine,
Come on, come with me, we both shall be fine
Look at the Sun, how brightly she shines on our path,
She shines for you and for me, look how she laughs,
She laughs so hard, for she is happy as can be,
For she knows the likes of you and me

Come with me to the rock and rest a while,
Can’t you see the beautiful view,
It is there for me and for you
No, please don’t, be still and rest,
Don’t act like such a pest.

I told you once, I told you twice
I will not tell you thrice.
Fine, if that’s the way it be, you sadden me
Go on your own
I may see you along the way.

Now I’m all alone and sad, for how can I be glad
My friend has abandoned me
But in my sadness I sit and see
The truth of it all, of you and me

It is a beautiful vision for any to hold
Although you may have to be bold,
Can’t you see, can’t you see
The pain you cause to you and to me?

Now the vision is done and the lesson learnt
Don’t you understand,
I did not get my fingers burnt.
Although you may be feeling pain
It is not real, it is not real

Look at the people, how you helped them be free.
Can’t you see it was destined
That you would have to leave me?
Now you know the truth, but you still can’t see
For you are blind to the wonder of me

Do not cry, do not fear,
Your story is the best that I can hear
Do you see, do you see.
The lesson has been learnt for you and me

Do you know,
How you glow,
With the light of love that was given,
To you, from me?

Look ahead, look behind
Look around for you shall find.
Who now is talking, but the voice of your mind?

Do you not know?
Do you not see?
How I am you and you are me?

The pain you caused to others
They did not suffer
For they could not suffer
As they are you and you are me.

Though you have learnt the lesson of truth
Others have yet to see,
That the ones they hurt are you and me
So to you I give this gift.
The gift of light and love

Do not hurt others as you have before
For if you do their pain be at your door
For they are you and you are me

We are One now, can’t you see?

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