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The transformation has begun!

by Matthew Hart
(Garden City Michigan)

There is a spiritual change in the air
so the Spirit says it’s time to prepare
For the Gathering of the Bride is underway
no matter what you think or what you say
Whose kingdom are you in
the camp of God or the camp of sin
It’s time to make a clear choice
speak with your works and not with your voice
The one’s who are straddling the fence
will soon have their recompense
Come out of the world and its’ way
lift up your voice and fast and pray
For a severe judgment is coming to this land
and it will cause many to fall and not to stand
For the sifting process comes with a great shaking
watch and see as the earth itself starts quaking
Rocking to and fro like a drunken man
because of the weight of the sin throughout the land
People of the Bride of Christ rejoice
because you have definitely made the right choice
Watch his power and anointing increase in your life
it will remove the bickering and the strife
Now it’s time to sing and shout
for a miraculous power is about to be let out!

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