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The Sheltering Presence of Prayer

by Naomi

Sheltering Presence

Sheltering Presence

The Shelter of Silence

Oh God of Love, I awaken and open my eyes

within this vast Silence of you,

and all seeking vanishes,

all desire dissolves in you.

There is nothing but your Presence,

and I sink into the depth

of my unfolding heart

into the truth of you.

The dawn arrives with greater splendor,

when I behold its secrets in you.

The light is ever more radiant

when it emanates from you.

The heart is ever more open

when finding its rhythm in you.

Life is ever more beautiful

when surrendered to you.

Longing reaches new heights of opening

when longing for you.

Love seeks an infinite space to arise

when my heart begins to create with you.

The spirit rises ever more purely,

when it arises with you.

All that I am melts

into the murmuring bliss

of your sheltering Presence.



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