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by Graham Barnfield

The Poem

There is a poem for everything, if you can believe,
If you can’t then just look around,
Look at the birds, the trees, all of the people,
Including me,

Look at life, look at death
Look above, look below.
A poem can be fast
Or it can be slow

There is a poem for the sun,
There is even one for fun.

There can be a poem for health or ill,
Yes, there can even be one for the bills.

There is a poem for the deep, rich valley,
Even one for the mountain high.
If you look above there is even one for sky.

There is a poem to wash your clothes, there is also one for a hose.
There is one for the car, as it will take you far

There is one for trouble, one for strife
Yes, there is even one for love and life

There is one for sadness, one for gladness
One for fun and joy,
There is even one for you and me, all the girls and boys.

A poem doesn’t even have to rhyme,
Try it for yourself, it’s not a crime.

Of all the poems that there be, the ones I love
Are of you, and me.

Look above, look below,
Watch the wind, how she blows

Although I have to go, it sure has been fun.
Though it may be ending, our story’s just begun.

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