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The Large White Carnation

by Alice Hathaway
(Fayetteville, NC, USA)

Touched by angels in the most unexpected time and places is the major point to my story. My first day on a real job as a waitress, was very thrilling, but I was very scared and nervous. That day I left tired, but I felt I had done well. When I went to be with friends after work that day, I walked past a florist store. The owner said to me," Are you a working girl?" I said "Yes" "Here, this is for you," and the owner handed me a very large white carnation. I belonged to a very large spiritual religious crowd, so I brought the very large white carnation to my friends hone which he put on the alter of his living room. Many of my friends admired the beauty of this very large carnation. I felt very blessed that day. Many years later when I had married and had children I worked during the school years as a motel housekeeper. One day a lady came to me towards the end of my shift, and asked me if I was going to do her room the next day. I told her I would be doing her room the next day. When I started the shift that next day I saw this women leaving her car looking at me and smiling. When I came to the room she had stayed in she had left me $5 tip, but also a very large bridesmaid bouquet of flowers. This women wanted to be bless me. Why? I'm just the maid. There are angels wanting to bless and give to everyone around them. I have worked better jobs, but when I worked my hardest there are angels used by God to bless everyone and anyone they can. They blessed me, and God bless them for doing so. I plan to be just like these angels, and I hope you decide to be the same.

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