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The Flip Side

by A. Heartley
(Ottumwa, Iowa)

I've got a story, packed full of glory, it's about a secret bridge.

If you want to see, you'll follow me, to the bottom of the ridge.

If you go, I think you should know, that you may never ever come back.

'Cause what you'll find is peace of mind, and that's something that we lack.

I know someone there, it's quite the affair, and this is what he said:

He says, it's beautiful here, do you want a beer? I sleep in a flowerbed.

The sky is blue, with a perfect hue, and the sun is always bright.

The birds they sing, the bluebells ring, except for late at night.

When the stars come out, and dance about, like ballet in the sky.

Then the sun comes up and I sit down for a cup, and I tell the stars goodbye.

It's not that bad, I'm actually glad, for I know that you won't be late.

I'll see you soon, probably around noon,

But for now you'll have to wait.

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