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The Blue Dove

by Jeanne Fiedler
(Washington Twp., NJ )

Out of the brilliant blue sky
flies the Holy Spirit
The Blue Dove...
The Dove that flies shimmeringly
to the blue heaven
and comes back with
blue skydust...
It lays sparkling particles of
blue on the blue rose garden
and the roses turn into a garden
of soft blue lilies
Never toiling;never spinning
but clothed and mesmerizingly
beautiful and still.
It lays in the blue glistening
water...opening and unraveling
One soul after one soul
with blue butterfly wings
The blue dove gazes into our
eyes..rests on our shoulders...

The Holy Spirit splashes us with
love...with its sincere blue
peace... and the blues..
all the sadness -
leaves our bodies feeling
happy and connected to the
father and the son...

We are one with the blue
firmament...deep perriwinkle
blue with clouds of puffed angels

We are still with God...

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