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Spiritual Relationships -- A New Level Of
Intimacy And Sharing

All relationships are spiritual relationships, and yet up until this point in time, humanity has not been consciously aware of the vast mystery, power and blessing that underlies human relationships.

From the most innocuous of relationships, such as those we might have with a neighbor or co-worker, to the most intimate relationships with a spouse, partner or family member, all relationships have a deeper meaning and purpose, and are infinitely vaster and more complex that we can currently imagine.

In times past, human beings have relied on verbal or written communication to connect with others. Most recently the development of new communication technologies has opened more possibilities for communication, not only with those we are physically near, but with anyone who has access to a telephone or internet connection. These advances in technology are paralleling the evolutionary development of humanity. As we become more aware of being connected with all of life, so we create new ways to be more connected.

In the present time, much more is now possible in the way of human communication, which is greatly expanding the range of possibility within human relationships. The network of human consciousness is expanding and receiving more in the way of spiritual light, which is awakening many dormant potentialities within our individual and collective consciousness.

You may have noticed yourself having more vivid dreams, sensing the emotions and thoughts of others, or becoming more sensitive in general to energies and to environments. Human consciousness is becoming more permeable, which is allowing for a much greater depth of communication between people.

Another change process that is happening, is that overall, we are becoming more aware of our inner life, our thoughts, feelings, dreams, desires, and motivations. The greater spiritual light that is expanding upon the Earth is shining brightly, illuminating our consciousness and bringing to the surface even those parts of ourselves which we may have hidden from. This process can greatly intensify our emotional life, and also opens new possibilities for us to release ourselves from old and habitual defense patterns that may have kept us safe in the past, but which are no longer necessary now.

As we begin to free ourselves from old defense patterns, self judgments and expectations, a new self emerges from the dust of our previous identity. We find ourselves more capable of being present in the moment to love, and less afraid or needed to defend ourselves. As more and more people enter into this space within themselves, a field of light begins to infuse the network of human consciousness. This light is already activated now, and moving within humanity's individual and collective awareness.

What this means is that a whole new level of relationship and intimacy is now possible between people. We are speaking not of physical intimacy, but a much greater closeness which has to do with the development of a spiritual level of relationship. This kind of relationship is one of the heart, and does not require physical proximity, family ties or even a lot of time spent together. A spiritual relationship embraces the totality of our being, and transcends roles, personal needs and history.

In order for the depth of spiritual relationship to flower between two or more souls, what is needed is a commitment within each individual to turn the focus of their need for love towards the divine. When we each turn towards the divine source of all love from the Creator, we release our friends, family and loved ones from the expectation that they must fulfill our personal needs for love. When this expectation is released, this also frees the individuals involved from a constant sense of disappointment or betrayal, since none of us can really fulfill the needs of another in the way that God can.

This does not mean that we do not have needs in our relationships. Children need their parents, partners and spouses rely on one another, and friends and colleagues have needs for friendship, socialization and connection. What is does mean is that we rely on God to nourish us from within, and from this place of inner wholeness, a new quality of communication and depth can emerge.

Imagine if you no longer held resentment, blame or judgment even towards those that hurt you? Imagine that you felt so full of God’s love that even a stranger was beloved to you? This dearest ones is the future of human relationships, which already are spiritual relationships, and which will become more so in the future as humanity moves beyond the consciousness of separation to embrace the experience of unity.

You are already beloved in God’s eyes, and one day you will know this love with every cell of your body and every fiber of your being. Dearest ones, your path is already unfolding towards this new time, when all are One and one is All. To gain the fulfillment that your heart desires, look within towards the source of all love. This divine breath within will lead you towards all that your heart longs for, which will manifest with unimaginable perfection, in the most unique and unexpected ways.

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