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Spiritual Relationship Question - How to have Closure

by Julia

My question is that I made prayers about/for a man that was married 5 years ago, he says he was divorced and that he didn't want me to contact again, then I said okay, now I feel he is going through my friends to get my attention, and I feel mentally stalked at first forcefully, now not so much.
I want to have closure and no more contact or association with him, I have a new relationship and feel he is using this guy to get to me, is this crazy?

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How to find closure
by: Kat

Dearest Julie,

From having read your message, I am not clear as to whether you actually had a relationship with this man or not or how long ago this actually happened.

You mention your need for clusure. It is not always possible for two people who have been in a relationship to find closure in an amicable and friendly manner. In most cases, the relationship breaks down or ends because one of the partners is ready to move on whereas the other is not. To this end, things can be left in a very messy way, especially for the one who has been left. If two people are unable to sit down and discuss the relationship in positive ways ie to talk about the challenges and lessons learned then in my experience 'finding closure' is something that needs to be found in oneself. Usually there is a period of grieving after the relationship has ended (which is very normal)ie, a time when one can reflect on what took place and allow for difficult feelings to arise so that they can be healed and released. Letting go of someone can be difficult and takes time. Yet with a willingness to see the other as having come into your life for your higher learning and for theirs also, despite the difficulties experienced, then you can move on in a more peaceful and accepting manner.

You mentioned something about him 'mentally stalking' you and using others to get to you. It is important here to not give attention to this type of behviour. (If however you feel really threatened contact the police immediately!) Negative seeeking attention is better than no attention at all. If you show him that you are disturbed by his actions then he will only continue to do the same. Endeavour to find forgiveness in your heart and release him with love. One prayer I came across about relationships and letting go was "I forgive (name) and I release him to the Holy Spirit" To be repeated as often as possible. Most importantly, keep your physical and emotional boundaries very clear when it comes to him so that he receives a very clear message as to what you will or will not allow.

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