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Soul Relationship and Physical Relationship

by Monique

I have been with my boyfriend over five years now and he has been the world to me through thick and thin. Unfortunately we separated for awhile and within that time he got someone pregnant.Anyways we work things out and we started talking again. Right as we began talking again he found out that he had got someone else pregnant again before we made up, this was really hard for me to cope with but I love him so I decided to work it out and see where it leads us. Now his first baby-mother is pregnant again for him and I don't know what to do this time because I really do love him and would love if we could workout together but his first baby-mother says he's not going anywhere until she's ready for him to go. I just don't understand that statement and what's really going on in my life. I really do love this man and he love me just the same but there are blocks in our way and I need it to be removed so that I can move on with our lives. I am willing to be a mother to his kids and to love and care for them as a mother should. I need your advice in what I should do or go about resolving this problem because it is unbearable.
Thank you

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