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Soul Journey

by Anonymous

We've worn our many hats and faces,
Expressed our many airs and graces,
Have played our parts and lived our roles
On every stage as scenes unfold.
As Kings and Queens we've graced these lands,
As thieves and rogues we've played our hand,
We've danced and dined, cried and whined,
We've carried on with clouded minds.
Each stage has been a lifetime true,
And often God we ‘mimicked you,
In search of that which we all seek,
A world inherited by the meek.
We've lost, we've laughed, we've healed and shared,
We've blessed the poor, we've loved and cared,
We've listened to the words of ‘man'
That tried to thwart the divine plan.
Each life experience has come and gone
We've seen the ‘right through all the wrong.'
We've grown and mellowed with each span,
We merge and meld as best we can.
Each day we now affirm our aim,
We pledge ourselves to bless your name,
With love and gratitude and might,
We now emerge with strength and light .
. . To walk as one with Mother Earth
And into higher realms re-birth,
To realize now our pathway home,
" T O G E T H E R N E S S " and not alone.
We ready now ourselves once more,
Poised to enter that open door,
Where all shall see the promised land,
And grasp indeed your outstretched hand.
So now we enter the final days
As these ‘end times' fulfill their phase,
When change once more is but the norm,
As love and light create the dawn.
The dawn of co-creativity,
The light now shines so gloriously,
And those that choose the ‘rightful path'
Will all succeed and joy surpass.
There is no right, there is no wrong,
There is but one eternal song -
Let's raise our hearts and minds once more
And enter in that ‘kingdom sure,
Lets gravitate where we need be
And live our lives in reverie.
Acknowledging Almighty Source
And in perfection stay the course....

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