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Song of Love

by Naomi

We are all lovers!
May we let it flow out
into the universe
to renew the face of the earth!
Feel the love
you carry in your heart
that yearns to be expressed,
for it is longing
that makes us blossom
in the same way the flowers
open to greet the sun.

Song of Love

Oh Love, hear the song
my heart is singing!

Feel the hush of silence
as a new day is born,
a new dawn,
a new chance to feel
the love
flowing out to the universe,
to every heart
to every single soul,
to every particle of life
to every atom,
to every molecule,
to every seed!

May the abundance of love
be the fruit
of our heritage,
our return for the life
we have been
so graciously given.

Oh, love, let it be so!

May all hearts know
and feel the life-giving flow
from the rising sun!

May we live in gratitude
and songs of praise
and know that
love is the true abundance
that sustains
all life!

May love be our guide,
our companion,
our caring friend,
who is always with us,
ever revealing
the vision
of a loving world.

Make us lovers
in this cosmic romance,
in this cosmic dance,
and help us
feel the rhythms
of the heart,
the rising waves,
the rolling tides,
the circling earth,
the glorious seasons,
and in the sacred silence
of the soul.

May the spirit of love
renew the face
of the earth
and help us remember
the ways of love
in the memory
of our hearts.

Oh love, may it be so!


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