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Song of Freedom

by Naomi

In the midst of a world in turmoil
in so many countless ways,
how I long to pour out a flowing stream
of the pure wine of freedom
to millions of longing hearts.
if I could only reach out
with cupped hands and offer one taste
of the sweet fresh breath of new life
that gives spreading wings
to your beautiful soul.
There is a clearing, an opening,
a vision of a new world
that no one can give you except
your own pure heart.
It is shielded and guarded
by a great Love,
waiting for you to discover
your own miraculous being,
the pure tones of your own voice,
the radiant color and vibrant vision
that simmers within you
searching for freedom.
Oh magnificent heart, it is time!
Look within
and walk bravely into the mystery
that seeks expression.
I long for the expression of God
that you already are.


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