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Song of Communion

by Naomi

When tears fall from your eyes, they leave a pathway of light on my face as they glisten and I taste the salt on my lips, and I feel a great depth of compassion for your cries. When the arrow flies from love to pierce our hearts, I feel the wounding of love, a thousand miles away. When your longing is pouring out in tears, I open my heart and my soul to reach out and receive the rushing stream of your prayers. As the feelings of loss and fears are expressed in your prayers, the energy vibrates on the strings of my heart, like a harp, and the music falls in a flowing stream on the page before me.

I hear the voice of love singing in the purity of your surrendering prayer. The wine of love is offered in the life-giving flow of communion. Let us drink deeply together of the forgiveness and mercy that is ours. Love asks no questions, seeks no assurance, yet lives and moves profoundly in the depths of life, stirring the sea of sacred silence surrounding us.

A friend of the heart,


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