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So Many Fair Suitors

by Leon

So many fair suitors all pull at your heart,
Those poets of splendor and painters of art,
Yes high volume charmers who hustle romance,
Splashing their canvas with colour and dance,

Processions with music, great banners unfurled,
They offer lush gardens in faraway worlds,
Yes, bearers of treasures and carvers of stone,
Who whisper their sonnets and surrender their thrones,

And there in your hallway, a shadow is cast,
A haunting reminder of a voice from your past,
It sings you a lullaby that eases your pain,
Your silent tears falling like droplets of rain,

I stand in your doorway my palms face the sky,
No gold in my pockets, no horse do I ride,
No words are needed as we stand face to face,
Just a body that trembles and a heart that awaits.

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