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Shine some light upon this child!

by Marcel Stegers
(Netherlands, Roermond)

Dear Friends,

Every time i see a child's smile, i am all at peace, but that is just who i am, even before my parents divorced (when i was 8) i felt there's a lack in my life and i even cried watching the sky and listening xmas music (even though it wasn't xmas) while my parents argued ALL the time.., it felt like a splinter in my head, i was never allowed to be as i am, i hope i can be now!
Even when i was younger i didn't had parents who stood by me (still not..most of the time, because i didn't fit into their picture they had in mind for me) my father abused me mentally by saying "it's not good enough" even though i did as he asked me to, and my mother is too afraid to help me because of my father..

But whenever i am with children i am not conscious about the lack or splinter-effect, i feel so at ease, but in these critical times i feel more frightened in what is coming, because of so many things hitting me at the same time, like people expecting me to do things that i know i can never handle
(please helpppp).

Personal quotes:
- I am a complete giver, not a taker at all!
- I am a child of light, as i wish to remain, without being afraid of negative influences, because i like to share what feels good!
- I love to remain protecting and treasuring every child in this world, even though my father thinks it's nuts..., but i feel better watching over us, than i could ever feel when being in love..
- I wish for all the people to respect me as i am, and i would love for nothing more than to be as i desire to be, with great financial support and respect in accumulating knowledge to free from fear and to be with every child, as i am!

Thanks God Blesses.
See my photo on..
My name: Marcel Stegers Peters (as i call myself..Vredeskind)
Ps: All the friends that i have are children of all ages, no matter what age anyone is, i hold them in my heart, simply because it gives me peace (like coming home..) And makes me feel more alive than ever..! thanks

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