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Shadows of Our Longing

by Naomi

Sea of Serenity

Sea of Serenity

We turn a searchlight on the world

looking for the light of truth,

something to believe in,

someone to trust

and to love.

One by one by one,

our icons fall on the battlefield

of fame and power,

revealing the weakness

and aching need

crouching behind the

public face.

All the while,

love is longing

to lift us

far beyond anything

we could ever dream of earning.

We choose so blindly

how to heal our wounds,

how to appear

as more than we are,

to deceive the


All the while,

One who is more than

all of us together

kneels to our beauty

wanting only to give us

new life

and everlasting


Our crumpled memories,

mounted and framed,

trophies and prizes

once proudly displayed,

gathering dust,

floating away in the floods

of time,

splintering against

the rocks of our memories

appear on a distant shore

as remnants of who

we used to be.

All the while,

Love is anointing us,

preparing the way,

following after our wandering,

watching while we sleep,

filling the lavender blue nights

with the scent of lilacs

in the spring,

soothing us with

soft kisses

of light.

It can be overwhelming

to be so loved,

leaving us afraid

of the debt,

when in the dark

we know how small we seem

in the radiant light

of divine grace.

All the while,

Love simply

wants to come along,

walk beside us,

to be where we are

and find a home within

our longing


Why do we hide

in the shadows of longing?

Why do we turn away from the light?

Why do we suffer such

sweet pain

opening our hearts

to Love,

when it's all we

ever wanted?


Painting by Rassouli

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