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Comments for Seeking My Soulmate

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Nov 05, 2008
by: Deb

Dear Eileen...I add my prayers to yours and say almost DITTO...I am open to receive the gift of my beloved, as well...so for US, I pray that all is in perfect and divine order and that we will know that we know that we know when that person is brought into our lives without a shadow of a doubt...I said almost DITTO as I choose to not put any limitation (soulmate) but seek the wonderful companionship and love that will meet my heart's desire in alignment with my soul....the winds of change ARE upon us and ANYTHING is possible...so be it...may we be blessed in love. Love to you and Love to me. Amen

Nov 06, 2008
Response to My Prayer Request
by: Eileen


I wanted to thank you for your response to my recent prayer request. I pray that you too meet the right person to spend your life with. My prayers are with you!

Thanks Again,


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