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save my marriage

Please,please,please pray for my marriage my wife and I have been married 5 year s now she wants a divorce because of my cold ways. I am truly sorry that i did not consider her feelings until now. Please forgive me God and save my marriage,and please everyone pray for my marriage to work out I need every prayer that I can get.

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Nov 24, 2008
I feel your pain
by: jason

I am in the same boat and I recommend that you try and get your spouse to see the movie Fireproof. Check out the website at Fireproof.com. I will pray for you.

May 08, 2010
God Wants to Save Your Marriage
by: Anonymous

I just started praying on this website. I must tell you that I was referred to a woman in Houston, TX by a friend of mine who was about file for divorce in Chicago, Il. This woman is a Godly woman who heals marriages in crisis using the Word of God! My friend and her husband never divorced and have been living a wonderful life. When they have attacks from the enemy, they use the strategies they learned to stop the impact and turn it around in their favor. I am not married, yet :-). But I started with Dr. Dawn Bradford just a couple of months ago, and I found the keys to unlocking my marriage readiness. She coaches people all around the globe. I know she can help you and others, if for no other reason than she allows God to work through her to help you. Your relationship with God will grow and so will your marriage, because God wants you and your spouse to keep your promise to the covenant He as with you! I will pray for you and hope that you will pray for me too.


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