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Sacred Marriage

by Pat
(Boston, MA, USA)

As all of us know what is kind of century that we face now as a believer. Media and technology is out of control. I am very sad and concern about this. I am sure a lot of families go through the similar problems as me. My husband has an affair with an Asian woman that he knew from his trips and business connection. First it was a friendship and became out of line. Sharing ideas, comfort each other problems and he forgets what is marriage about. He has contacts with many women from different places, exchange picture, text, tlp constantly and ignores us as a family. Until I realize this is problem of the high tech gaget that keeps him almost 24 hour to follow us wherever we do. It was so disturbing and ruin the relationship of a healthy marriage. I have no chance to fight back to all these women. They are too many and kept their affair behind my back and anytime they want to drag my husband in his temptations. I don't want to have excuses for him but I understand that it could happen with me too if I have been attack like that constantly. We all need God to keep us strong and some of us are lost and couldn't say no because the temptations are too great. Only my husband can realize that this problem is not too big for Christ to handle it. He can restore us and we can have the best marriage ever. One fall doesn't means the end. Our problem is: he refuses to get help and communicate with me. He blames me for all the problems. well I have to be honest that I am not a perfect wife because I got hurt from him due the same issue long ago. I was wrong not to understand how to forgive him in CHRIST. I rely on my own understanding and people opinions that made the situation worse. Now, I trust CHRIST to help us in all matters. The children are getting better in their behaviors. But my husband is still separate himself for about 5 months now. And keep in touch with this woman. What should I do? I believe God gives us wisdom and healthy mind to solve this problem through His Holy Spirit. I just don't know what's the next step. I don't want divorce and I like to see him and the children to come back to God and bring honor to Him.How can I tell this woman to stop become an adulterous and leave us alone? Please help us. Thank you. Sincerely, Pat

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