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Rivering Prayer of Remembrance

by by Naomi

Rivering Prayer of Remembrance

Created for all dear hearts
in remembrance
of the One
who created us.

To honor and celebrate
the moment we were born,
I sing this song
from my heart,
each day and each night.

A thousand gifts I would send you,
A thousand songs my heart would sing,
A thousand visions of beauty
I would share with you.
A thousand messages of love I would write to you,
A thousand verses I would create for you,
and I would fill your heart with the fragrance
of roses, of night blooming jasmine,
with the song of the nightingale,
and I would surround you with the fragrance
of the hair of the Beloved
on the breezes from the kingdom
where the Beloved dwells.

I would shower you with light
from the fountain of the sun in the day
and surround you with the glow of the moon at night.
I would fill the sky with stars to smile upon you,
and I would paint the sky each day
for the pleasure of your eyes.

I would create a path from the Heart
of our Beloved
into your heart and hide
the secrets of my love
in places only you would know.
I would find a thousand surpises
to let you know how loved
you are each day.

I would do all these things
to reveal my love,
but you already have them all
in the precious sanctuary of your heart,
so drink the wine, dear one,
and savor the secrets in
the sacred silence of your soul.

What more could we ever want?

The bridge between heaven and earth
seems to be formed
through a fusion of lover?s hearts
ever creating
a necklace of stars,
a garland of blossoming beauty,
golden threads of longing
that wind and weave their way
across the universe,
into lover?s hearts.

It is the enchanting gift
of the lovers of the Beloved,
which they share with each other.

My wish each day
is to share the prayer
of longing
that All people
will one day become lovers
and every day will be a new day
to give birth to the beloved
in a new way!

With Love, Naomi

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