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Restoring my Relationship

by Kaisia

I beg that you for me that my boyfriend who is in Texas U.S.A. will return home to me and his family in Jamaica. He was suppose to return home next month but got married and wont come home.This woman knew all about me and still went ahead and marry him i can't find words to explain what this is doing to me and my mother who love him so much and to his family also. We have being together for 3yrs and 2months before he left here and he want to give that up for someone he know only 5months.I'm in so much pain sometimes i feel like giving up but i can give up on god.He's always being stubborn and make bad decisions.Please i ask you'll pray he'll come home we have our moments but we were very happy. I beg you'll pray intensely for a miracle god bless you all thanks.My name is Kaisia and his name Winston

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