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Request for Light Body Healing

by Sharon



I entered a prayer for healing for myself I would also appreciate any light body healing or any thing that be done to help me Please sincerely Sharon

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Sep 03, 2009
Healing resources
by: Mashubi

Hi Sharon, thank you for sharing your prayer request and request for healing. Here are several healing resources that you may find helpful. I hope these may bring you the health and relief from pain that you are praying for.

1. Julie Redstone of Light Omega offers a service called Messages by Request which is very helpful in bringing a spiritual understanding to the health challenges you are experiencing. You are welcome to contact Julie to request her assistance here at http://www.worldblessings.net/public/department27.cfm.

2. We have another website which shares information about how spiritual light is affecting our bodies. Many spiritual healers visit this site, and you are welcome to post a request for prayer and healing here as well. This site is new and so it may take some time to receive a response. Though I am not personally familiar with the work of the healers who visit our site, I have met many beautiful souls there and so you may find a connection with someone.

3. There is a very simple self healing technique that can help your body to strengthen and heal, which I have used myself. It doesn't work for everyone or everything, but you may find it helpful. It is called Emotional Freedom Technique and they provide a free ebook and discussion forums to help you to learn the technique and use it most effectively for your health challenges.

4. You may find some health with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, which can be very effective in helping chronic health conditions that western medicine has difficulty addressing.

I pray that you may find healing and relief from your physical challenges. Thank you again Sharon for writing and sharing.

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