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Reiki Helped my Depression

(Miss Bayes)

I suffered severe depression for three years, my condition was getting worse day by day I was taking extra medication, I got to the stage I was getting up at six in the morning not being able to face the day. At That time in the morning I would drink a couple bottles of wine not because I had a drink problem but because it would knock me out for the whole day I would then get up about 7.00 clock then have another bottle to knock me out for the night. This was the only way I could deal with depression, and anybody that has this problem will understand I was so desperate I bought a book which was called a map to god I needed help to live. I read the book within days and it was all about reiki which I knew nothing about I found a reiki teacher and got my self attuned to reiki 1&11. This was twelve months ago I am know off medication I feel so happy and can cope with any situation I jump out of bed at 7.00 in the morning and my days are full of joy and I Look so much younger, my own family think I have had botox or a face lift. To sum up my situation reiki cured me and also put me on my spiritual journey which is a wonderful magical situation to be in. so if my story helps one person it will be a blessing to now there is light.

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Reiki for depression
by: Susan

I found this site by accident but was it? Hmm..
I'm a reiki master teacher..and have struggled with depression most of my life..along with self esteem issues etc..I was attuned to reiki 1 in jan 2007..I sensed I should stop my wellbutrin..I've been off of it since then..I became a master in the summer of 2008..Last year I had a set back in Oct and became depressed..anxious..had insomnia..I'm slowly working myself back..I couldn't feel the reiki for the longest time..Your site encouraged me to keep trying..Thank you..Blessings..

Reiki and its releasing
by: Eric

Hi guys, I received my reiki masters around 3 years ago,and had not used it much since then,recently i got really depressed and couldn't do anything, I was afraid to go outside, feel my feelings, express myself etc, over the past 2 weeks i've started doing self-reiki again and it feels as if a mini exorcism is going on through me, i feel better now and the strands of ... coming out of my throat chakra are lessening, i've still got a bit to go but i would like to say that in using reiki it has helped me to rid myself of much agression guilt sadness fear and bring awareness to the patterns associated with them ie people pleasing fakeness etc, while i still fall into these patterns at times, over the past two weeks so much ... has been released i now feel far better and am slowly re-emerging back into my life, thanks again ;)eric

Me too
by: Anonymous

Had my first reiki treatment about two months ago. Profound experience that continued physically (sensations) and spiritually for about a week afterwards including a vision that my depression was healed.

I had been on anti-depressants and 2 serious sleeping pills each evening for 3 years. I felt fantastic and tried coming off anti-depressant and sleeping pills. Six weeks out, I'm happier than I've ever been and sleep like a baby. My face hurts from smiling.

I dream again, libido is great, and, I've dropped 20 pounds as emotional eating was deeply tied to my depression. My wife asked if I was having an affair I became so lively again...she was joking, but the change was significant and people continue to ask me what is different about me.

I had no experience of reiki before this. I go every two weeks now. Experiences continue to be profound and deep psychological healing continues to take place. I am a new man.

Can't say reiki would cure your depression, but it did more than mask my symptoms (like meds do) and truly set me free of some things that years of counseling could not. I recommend it to anyone.

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