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Reading Tarot Cards

A Beginner's Guide to Sacred Tarot

Reading tarot cards is an ancient method of attuning to inner wisdom. There is a lot of misinformation about how to use the tarot for spiritual healing, and there is some concern as well because this gift can be misused. Spiritual seekers may find themselves focusing too much on asking the tarot for guidance, rather than using your own natural intuition and decision making abilities.

Like all spiritual tools, reading the tarot needs to happen in a balanced way that enhances, rather than takes you away from your own relationship with God. If approached with respect, humility, and a sacred intention, the tarot can be a useful tool for deepening your own intuition, and for helping you to attune more precisely to the process of receiving spiritual guidance.

Reading tarot cards has always felt natural to me, as I feel an inner connection with the symbolism of the tarot. Reading the tarot was an important part of my spiritual healing practice both in my own process, and in working with my clients. The tarot helped me to open my own intuition. It was a shock to me many years later to discover that there is a great deal of fear, misunderstanding, superstition and prejudice about the tarot. Some believe the tarot to be dangerous as it takes people away from more "real" forms of spirituality.

My own experience has been that the tarot, like any spiritual healing tool is only as helpful as the person using that tool. It can be used as a sacred tool for opening your own intuition and inner guidance, or it can be used to deceive and keep a person from their own inner spiritual truth.

The purity of intention of the person reading the tarot is the key here. If you read the tarot with respect, humility, and with the intention of receiving healing, becoming closer to God and to your own divine truth, then it is likely that the tarot will be a tool for your own spiritual transformation.

Whether you use tarot, or any other spiritual healing tools such as crystals, sacred texts, spiritual healing workshops, or anything else, it is your own consciousness and intention which determines how helpful this will be.

Tips for Reading Tarot Cards

  • There is a spiritual reality associated with reading tarot cards and using other tools. Each tarot deck carries its own unique vibration and energy. Tarot decks carry more or less light, and some even carry more negative energies, depending on the consciousness of the designer and artists involved. The purity of motivation, and the consciousness with which a tarot deck is created, will have an impact on you as you are reading the tarot. It is important that you choose a tarot deck that you feel good about, that uplifts you.

  • When you read the tarot, choose a sacred place in your home or office, near your altar. Light a candle, meditate and pray beforehand. Approach your tarot reading as a sacred time for you to deepen your connection with God. Ask for spiritual guidance. Breathe, relax, and open your heart. Keep your tarot cards in a sacred place when you are not doing a reading.

  • The symbols of the tarot are archetypical, and vary depending on the tarot deck you use. When reading tarot cards, take the time to let go of your rational mind, let go of the meanings of the tarot cards, and simply let the card speak to you intuitively. Breathe, look at the card, and then close your eyes. Notice what you "see" when your eyes are closed. When you're ready, open your eyes and look again at the card. Do these as often as needed until you can feel the meaning or the message that the tarot card has for you.

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