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Question About Spiritual Relationships by Tiffany

by Tiffany Morris
(Tempe, Arizona, USA)

I have had an awful lot of relationships with different men in my life. Through these relationships i have learned a lot about who i am and i thought, what i want as a soul. I am in the middle of a divorce and my cycle of jumping into another relationship has come and i have been in and out of one and am slowly becoming serious in this recent one. He is everything that i want in a life partner and i understand building the relationship with time and thats fine but, my attitude is changing now that i have made the decision to commit to him. I have started to resent his little flaws and i am afraid i am subconsciously pushing him away because i don't trust myself to commit because i have never been able to truly commit to anyone i'm scared i am sabotaging myself. I am a firm believer in the law of attraction and i don't want to dwell on my fear i have been trying to change my attitude by picturing myself happy but i want to make sure i am doing the right thing and can trust myself in knowing that this is truly what i want. PLEASE HELP

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A question about repeating cycles
by: Mashubi

Hello Tiffany, thank you for your question. You said "my cycle of jumping into another relationship has come and i have been in and out of one" and I'm wondering if your current relationship is different from the past ones, or whether you notice a similar pattern?

It has been my experience that when we repeat certain relationship patterns and dynamics over and over again, that there are underlying emotional issues within ourselves that are asking for healing. As we become more conscious, and whole and complete within ourselves, the cycle of repeating patterns can end, and relationships bring us a new level of fulfillment and intimacy. We can be more present with our loved ones, rather than acting from unhealed emotional patterns from our past.

There could be any number of reasons for the resentment you are feeling. I do not know what the root of these feelings are in you. Yes, fear and self sabotage are one possibility. It may also be possible that your needs are not being met in the relationship and perhaps you aren't consciously aware of this, or you are not sure how to ask for what you need. Or perhaps deep down some part of you does not feel right about the relationship. These are all possibilities, but only you will know for sure what is the truth of your inner experience.

One way to gain clarity about this Tiffany is through sincere and heartfelt prayer. Ask and pray to be shown with clarity the truth of what is happening within yourself, and within your relationship. This will activate greater light into the situation, which will begin to illuminate the areas of confusion that you feel. Ask your heart to reveal to you the divine truth about the situation, and what is the most love and light filled direction for you to move in. Please let me know what you think and feel about this. With much love,

the one
by: scott farrell

perhaps you have already met the one for you and it is only a matter of reuniting with him?

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