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Question About Soul-mate

by Rob


I been known this woman for 3.5 yrs. I believe that the Holy Spirit spoke to me 2 yrs ago that she would be my wife. We go to church together, we been to about 3 outings in those three years. She been in college for those years so we didn't have a chance to spend some time together. I told her how much I care and love her, but she told me that she don't feel that same way about me but she can possible grow into it. I loved, support, and encourage her all the times. She just graduated from College and now hopefully we can spend more time together ... but I do have one problem since I'm a Christian ... I don't have a lot of friends because I choose my friends wisely. I get lonely and sometimes I call her a lot in the same day which she don't like but I been really trying to get better. I know you can't make a woman love you .. she have a free will. But I truly believe that the Lord spoke to me saying she is my soul-mate.

I need some advice to love her the right way and how to make the relationship better.

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Soulmate Love comes in all forms
by: Anonymous

There are different types of soulmates and we all have relationships in which we are both the teacher and the student. Just allow yourself to love her and let her go. Wish her love and probably she came into your life to open your heart and teach you what a soulmate love is. Love yourself enough and the right woman will come along that feels the same way about you. Ask God to bring in a woman. Get out and celebrate life. Take a new class, learn yoga, do tai chi, but do not stay in the house lonely. To make friends, you have to be a friend. Trust in the energy of love.

Love is not a force!
by: Anonymous

I married a man thinking I would grow in him through christ Jesus....but the more I hated the choice I mad...We grew apart...I could not stand for him to touch me....We separated and the door was open he met someone else...true love grows but the seed is planted by love in the beginning. You will know when God help you find your soul mate....love is a spark, even in the bad days you can say I love this Man or women...you can walk through ran together...Love is not forced...Do you truly have the holy ghost...Did he tell you that? I'm married for the second time...I'm telling you I'm in love...the growing in our relationship is our life experiences on how to walk with God, How to set examble for our children, how to be better step dad.... A Man who grow to make it right for his family not trying to grow in feelings ..I dont know you but when you find the women that God has for you ....you will know...You want the love your giving back....

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