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Question About Judgments in Relationship

by Sharon Birch
(Adams, MA)

I was in a relationship with one man from age 16 - 42 (married for 20 of those 26 yrs). It is all I know. He was emotionally distant. I now am 44 and in a new relationship with a man who is very loving, giving, talks about his feelings, loves spending time with me, etc. etc. I love being with him, but my judgments about him are really messing me up!! I can't stop thinking about how he doesn't make much money, he is not intellectually stimulating, etc. I'm so confused!

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by: Mashubi

Hello Sharon, thank you for sharing. I am so glad you are now in a more fulfilling relationship. That is a great gift. Relationships are always a learning process, and the love we share also can stir up buried feelings and pain from our past. Love can be like a flashlight that shows us what we carry within us. Are these feelings of judgment familiar to you from other times or relationships in your life, or are these feelings new to you? Another question ... is there any pattern you notice about when these feelings most come up?

be married to the lord first.
by: Anonymous

the first man you have to put in your life first.is god.and he will guide you the rest of the way.

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