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Question About a Godly Relationship - Part 2

by Randi

I have met a man I worked with for a year. We started to date in the last few months. I am not attracted to him yet my friends that we both worked with say to date him and that he is good for me. I am not ok with the age difference either, he is 44 and i am 35 and that bothers me. I have been oraying about this man and as I have been asking God to put the man he has for me in my path, I have had many thoughts about a man that I call "the one that got away" We met 7 years ago and dated for a bout six months but we were not ready as we were both going through divorces at that time. So about a year later he looked me up and we connected again and he was so romantic and took me to the same place we had our first date said he was different now and he opened up like never before. Each time we parted ways it was respectful and just kind of ended in a good way then about a year later we connected again and the same thing happened, we talked for a while then it just faded. Lately though as I pray about this man that i have no attraction to I am filled with thoughts about Manuel, who is the first guy I knew years ago. What does all this mean? Please pray for the one God has to be in my path and that all other doors shut with men.

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by: Deb

Dear Randi....thinking of you and your messages this AM...of course, I know nothing but thoughts of what has been passed on to me and resonated come to mind...like, "Why would you be with someone when it does not feel right for you?"...and also, thoughts of it does not sound like you have let go of the past relationship and therefore not open to any new relationship...many times, I have been told you must LET GO of the past for there to be room for God/Universe to bring forth that which is in your heart to create for yourself....and, your information about the past gentleman and the wonderful moments but the disappearing/disconnecting make me wonder, why?...if it was so perfect, why would it fade out?....as always, I am sure...all is in perfect and divine order....my mantra today, and of late remains....Show me the way, Show me the way, Show me the way....ask and it will come, follow your heart and what feels good...maybe you want to revisit the past relationship to affirm or deny the reality of that once and for all...no matter...it is all good....but, please close the door when/if you are thru to make room for the good stuff!...I send you love, clarity, wisdom in your heart....lighting your way with ease & grace...and remember, YOU already know the answer to your questions...:-)

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