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Queen of compassion

by jenny arellano

Never could i imagine not having the honor of being so loved as your child,your daughter...You truly are my inspirational spiritual teacher,no one could ever take your spot as my leader.The tears you have shed for us,your precious heart bled for us,never had you favored just one ,you love all the same from the first to last one of us,your creation divine, your nature so kind and true and all that i love i could find in you.....your precious heart of gold keeps our spirit from getting old and keeps our eternal flame of love strong and true,And this is all i ever knew,and all i ever held on to.If only a lot of others could have that kind of love from their mother ,to share with each other sisters and brothers and so many others,so that's why i'm trying to help others from a dying spirit and soul. Teaching your ways through my hearts compassion is my goal.The unlimited love from which i exist ,My light, my essence, my humbleness. So beautiful is your nature ,your gentle touch ,The eyes of sincerity when you speak words of truth to me,and the wisdom from which i have learned and the happiness i have earned is This love my heart holds unconditionally its the divine love she gave to me,the Love of my Queen, my creator no love for me can ever be greater than that of my mother ,my queen of compassion....

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