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Pure Grace

by Naomi

Pure Grace

I awaken in the arms of Presence,
listen to the sound of rain
dancing on the roof,
watching it slide down my windows
in tiny streams,
leaving wandering trails,
before disappearing into the earth.
It is a gentle and friendly rain,
singing a soothing song,
anointing all creation,
with flowing tears of love.
It is the liturgy of the Creator,
finding its cadence and rhythm,
like tapping fingers
on the table of the earth,
touching outstretched palms
and upturned faces
receiving the blessing of the rain.
I move quietly in the welcoming
tenderness of morning,
an inner glow lighting my way.
Steam from my tea circling about me,
I breathe in the wonder
and the miracle of awareness
of this life-giving moment,
savoring the gift
in my grateful heart.
Love is such a perfect lover
caressing and coaxing
our souls to blossom
from seeds hidden deep
within the soul.
Spread out your arms
and open your heart
to the showering blessings
of God.

Comments for Pure Grace

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Mar 08, 2009
Open to Receive
by: Deb

My dearest Naomi....I open my arms and heart to receive the loving Grace of God...so be it and thank you for the gift. My love to you.

Apr 29, 2009
by: Anonymous

Your words were beautiful. God Bless.

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