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psalm of love

by Messenger of Yah
(New jersey)

To you I owe my life...gift giver of all... You who fashioned the earth with it's glory, you who have given the deep it's jewels.. You who have given all the universe it's splendor.. Who created and has given me the best gift of all your holy spirit.
This gift is most scared, divine and wonderful, it teaches, loves, upholds all your beauty and truth.. Thank you Yahweh for being my friend, dad, and protector, thank you abba for loving me and my family...
Things we strive for is vanity, if it has nothing to do with the invisible kingdom ...I find myself fighting against myself, may this day give me birth unto a renewed spirit an obedient spirit to your will. I have put more time into the physical as opposed to your spiritual realm... I love you... I love you and I pray that you will forgive me of all my transgressions and that you and I can fall in love again...

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