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Praying for Help

by Shellie

On Christmas Eve. I received a call that my position at the office was being taken over by someone else. I was devastated and didn't know what else to do but kneel in prayer. I loved my job. I was very dedicated and enjoyed helping others. I even called back the next day and offered to take a cut in pay; however, I found out that the reason I was let go was out of greed. I am praying for god to help me with my job situation. I not only lost my job that week, but I also lost someone I truly cared for. Someone I believe god put in my life for a reason. I have faith in god and I feel I am growing weak. Please pray for me. I need my job and I miss Kip. Kip doesn't know what it means to be loved unconditionally. Kip doesn't know god like I do. His past relationships are clouding his future. His trust is gone. I feel like everything around me is falling apart. Please pray for me.

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