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Praying for Divine Intervention to Work in my Life

by Kimberly
(Orange Park, FL)

Phillip has been in a very negatively influential atmosphere that has caused him to lose sight of who he is and what is wants. He has pushed me away and is mistaking me as his issue. He has become scared in our relationship and ended it. I pray that God moves through his head and his heart and makes him open his eyes to what he had in front of him and that he will come back to me. I pray that this confusion in his mind is abolished and that he will reach out to me. If God has another plan that does not involve Phillip, then I pray he will work that miracle in my life so that I will know where I am meant to be and who I am meant to be with. I can not do this on my own and I nee divine intervention for all the needs spoken and unspoken. God knows that I love this man but knows that I am lost and confused and desperately asking for divine help. I am trying to stay quiet so that God can work his miracle. I pray for agreement and help.

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