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Prayers for Support

by Angelica
(Portland, Oregon)

I got confirmation last week that I finally finished a huge chapter in my life and I am in a new one. I love this new phase in my life. I got a message this morning while meditating that I am to love GOD with all my heart and bring that love in my body/heart. SO I am doing this.

Since this new phase, over 7 of the new classes that were scheduled to teach for the first time got canceled. Interesting. I am praying for clarity as to whether I am still suppose to teach freelance children classes and relaxation of which I have been doing since 1984. I only have 3 hours of work and haven’t worked for 3 months prior to this. I just relocated to Oregon again and know it was for me to close doors in areas I have not when I first left.

I know there is a move scheduled for June since the lease is up and he is selling the Condo. So for something like this to happen so soon can be somewhat baffling. I guess patience and trust is definetly in order here. I am asking GOD to come into my dreams and provide clarity. Clarity on what I am to do to support myself and about where the move is to be so I can prepare accordingly. It is a little challenging being I have no family to connect with or friends in this state. I also feel I am on a different plane then what I am seeing here. I saw more of the same plane in CA where I was for 3 years …I chose to leave for a smaller community of authentic loving people, nature, health consciousness since I am a vegan and hopefully to be introduced this year to my husband to be.

Prayer support is of gratitude.

Angelica Rose

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