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Prayer to Heal and Restore my 2 Girls


Both my ex-husband and myself had another marriage now. That year, I let go of my whole house to my husband with his present wife (not fighting against the matrimony mainly to have peace and not letting my 2 girls having no room, time or space with their dad. ) Today, I felt the real impact for my last decision for God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all I can think or imagine. Because of leaving the house to let them stay with my husband and I strive to buy another house. My daughters termed our house (with the new family), a "house", they termed their house with their dad and "stepmother" their home. They were told to call her "mumi" and acknowledged her at their school because having a complete family with their dad in their house since they were 3, 5. Now they were 11 & 13. Many made up stories were told into their ears since young about me leaving them....none was shared about my heart intention of leaving the house instead fighting over the rights to have the property and monthly expenses from their dad. The only condition I asked from their dad is to have my dear daughters 4 days of time with me and nothing else. Till today, my girls getting further away from me, creating in their hearts a complete family with their dad with their stepmom. Countless times I cried in pain......they never know or understand how much I love them. They were told not to go to Church to worship with me, my daughters love Church when they were young, till these years, they despise Christians, laughed at our spiritual acts...I kept praying. Today was prompted by the Spirit to seek for intervention of prayer to allow the power and love of God to sink deep into and heal their little hearts of pain and betrayal of losing their "complete" family in their little hearts and destroying of a complete home by me ...I pray for total healing and total forgiveness from my girls through the power of love from God in their hearts. I pray they shall receive abundant lives in Christ and walk in the will of God for their lives. Thank you and God bless for all who are called for this prayer. You have indeed been a great blessing into my lives. I have been a minister to many women in marriage and broken lives. Today, I submit and humble myself to say "I need prayer, please help me".

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