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Prayer Request to Rekindle Relationship

by Perpetua

Dear Heavenly Father,
Please pray for me as I am going through so much stress in my life. The man (JM) that I love so much has hurt me and betrayed and used me. Please Help JM to be a stronger loyal, honest man. We have grown to dislike each other. I've been there for him and supported him, but he disrespects me all the time and lies to me. He hasn't spoken to me because I got upset with the way he treats me. Please allow JM to see the light so he can become a better man before the Lord's eyes. Allow his family to see how much of good person I am. Allow his mom (CD) to stop bad mouthing me, cause I've done no wrong to her at all. Allow him to be honest with his family and me. Please I really love him and hope to marry him someday please help him change for the better. And help me so I can be stress free. Amen

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May 14, 2010
My husband and i are separeted by obsticles in our way
by: Elisa Molina

I am in this long distance relationship and its been really hard for me, it has been going on for over 7 months now it has been 1 month since i went to visit him. and the reason we are n this situation is becauase of immigration reasons.. now it's to the point where i have came back and been more attached with him, and the next time we are to see each other is within the next 7 months but i feel like i wont be able to make it that long i want to see him before that maybe in the next 4 months and to stay with im fo rat least 6months 3 weeks isnt enough, we are both christian and we want to get marry but we want o make sure we are doing the right decision and don't want to rush to it, we dated for 5 months before he left and i didn't realize that i was going to get really attached. we speak everyday even if it's to say good nite.. for the past few weeks all i do is cry almost everyday, he doesnt know, so anyway i need a prayer request to have God give us the strength and courage to do what is right if that means i have to go back to visit him and stay there a longer period of time to get to know each other a bit more than i will have ot do what a wife does and that is follow the husband... either that or i suppose to move on because it really is hurting me deeply..
thank you

Sep 08, 2010
Rekindle my Relationship
by: Anonymous

Please pray for me & the man I love.Please help him see how much he is hurting me & help him see that what we have is very special.I want us to understand each other to communicate better I also want him to be honest with me I want him to stop lying I want him to trust me with the truth.I want us to start afresh no lie & no secrets.Please Lord bring him back to me & give him the strength to tell me everything.I promise I wont judge him or hold the truth against him.Please Lord help with my relationship.

Oct 17, 2010
rekindle the romance in the relationship
by: Anonymous

Father i come to u for help. I'm at my wits end. E and I reconciled after 6mths being apart. His ex needs to move on with her life. He needs to understand that i need a full commitment in order for our relationship to work. He continually tells me that he is in love with me. i want to believe him but i have this insecurity. Father i pray that E is committed to our relatiosnhip and his ex finally moves on with her life. i pray also that he cuts off all ties with her permanently. amen

Oct 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

someone pray for me and my wife to work this out, we been in a relationship for over 5 years and i want us to be a forever thing. Please someone out there listening help us both, make this work. thank you Jesus. AMEN

Nov 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

Prayer Lord, so that I am able to be this postive person who displays love and effection and has the abilty to treat and react with love intimes when I feel angry and hurt. Grant me the serenity of learing paitience and bring out the light of the Holy Spirit that I may reflect it to attract my soulmate. Amen

Jan 25, 2012
by: Anonymous

Im in desperate need of prayer for my relationship. My boyfriend and I just got together a month ago and it is a long distance relationship. We have not been able to see each other as much as we have wanted to and every chance that I do get to speak with him Im always arguing about him not contacting me or letting me know what is going on with him. The other day I spoke with him and he said that he really loves me and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. But he doesnt want to put my life on the back burner. I really love him but I told him that maybe I should back down and let him do what is best for him. I did not want it to be like Im leaving him but that is how it came out. I really love him and I cant see myself without him and I really want our relationship to work out. Someone please pray that we can get an understanding of each other and make our love stronger.

Feb 14, 2012
I pray for all of you, please pray for me too NEW
by: Anonymous

i feel that there is so much sorrow in romatic relationships and their outcomes right now. Please pray for me to see the light of lasting love as I pray for all of you that the most powerful and beneficial outcome for your relationships shine through, that we all have the strength to balance staying firm for the right relationship and flexible so it my work. my love and i have broken up and now transformed into friends, which I believe to be due to his insecurities for creating a family. He came from a harsh family background where I came from a very loving and supportive family background. I clearly see how his own insecurities have been mistaken for not continuing our romantic relationship. However i see our connection to be one of high value, strength and healing, not just as friends but as lovers and cocreaters-making a family together. Please pray for our reunion as lovers for the sake of the universe's greatest will and the will of human kind to have couples filled with mutual love. I truly feel this is what's right, that we be together.

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