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Prayer Request to Rekindle Relationship

by Perpetua

Dear Heavenly Father,
Please pray for me as I am going through so much stress in my life. The man (JM) that I love so much has hurt me and betrayed and used me. Please Help JM to be a stronger loyal, honest man. We have grown to dislike each other. I've been there for him and supported him, but he disrespects me all the time and lies to me. He hasn't spoken to me because I got upset with the way he treats me. Please allow JM to see the light so he can become a better man before the Lord's eyes. Allow his family to see how much of good person I am. Allow his mom (CD) to stop bad mouthing me, cause I've done no wrong to her at all. Allow him to be honest with his family and me. Please I really love him and hope to marry him someday please help him change for the better. And help me so I can be stress free. Amen

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